Happy Monday to all our Aqua families. We hope your weekend was nice and relaxing. It is a difficult time, not being able to get out to explore.

We continue to welcome our new friends from Emerald and Cassidy, who recently joined us also. They are all exploring well and although they are missing their Mums, dad’s and key educator’s from Emerald they all have settled well.

Starting the morning off, the children explored indoors as well as out. The kitchens in both spaces are popular. The children love exploring these areas. They happily smile for the camera as they show their excitement to their teachers.  The children cooked food and pat the babies to sleep.  Some of the children played hide and seek under the table.

Pretend play has so many benefits for the children, it encourages social and emotional development, builds your child’s ability for flexibility and also creativity.

Playdough was a hit in the garden as the children manipulated dough into shapes. This activity helps with fine motor development.

Sand play also helps build strong small muscles in our hands. Manipulating the sand tools to build castles and many other objects.

This week is all about book week. Please if you have the opportunity to let your children dress up in their favourite book character and to bring their own favourite book with their name on it.

Today at Katherines group she read ‘’The Very Hungry Caterpillar’’ as it is her favourite and she was dressed as the caterpillar today.

The children then joined her to make their very own caterpillars using recycled toilet paper holder and different colour paints.

Nicholas joined Komalpreet on her mat to tell the story he brought to school to share with us. He happily sat with confidence beside Komalpreet.

The children happily explored other activities set up, like the bug table, the puzzle table and the different workers table.

With Komalpreet the children made their own body parts to stick on their doll.

What a fun filled Monday. It looks like the rain will come. Stay safe everyone.

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