Welcome crimson families, it’s a happy Friday and children are excited about the end of the science week. They were interested in fun experiments on science throughout the day. During morning teatime, they were discussing experiments they completed at home and how it all worked.


In the morning children started group time with the News Time routine. They brought their exciting news and they were all prepared to answer the questions.

Dominic brought airplane picture and he explained that he got that from his daddy and, he loves travelling on airplanes. He discussed with friends his exciting trip in plane and how high it can fly.

Eve came up on the front with a rock given by her friends Lexie.

Edward. A came with his train book “Diesel.” He explained about train functioning and travelling destinations on the train. He said, ‘I got this book from my mummy a very long time ago.’

The News Time was amazing with children involving in open-ended conversation and being responsive to each other. All children are excited for next week news topic “National Book Week.”


Children spread around the room to find activities of their own interest. The room was full of exciting activities such as snowmaking, literacy – numeracy puzzles, rainbow colour formation through water, food colour and paper towel. Children were excited to see how colours are moving from one jar to another through the wet paper towels. A group of children have participated in constructive play through blocks and magnets. They were using different creative techniques to create their imaginative structures.

Children were developing their fine and gross motor skills in the yard through soccer play, cubby house, skating and climbing frame. Children learnt about sharing toys and turn-taking during their play. While playing children not only develop physical skills but also improves cognitive development by problem-solving and critical thinking.


Thank you for a lovely week! Have a great and safe weekend everyone.


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