Hello, Crimson families. The weather was cloudy, a change from last week, but the children had a great day learning lots of things in different areas.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and welcomed new teacher Andrea to Burns bay cottage. She introduced herself to us and so we did. After, we talked about ‘National book week”, which we are going to celebrate this week. Some children brought books from their homes, so Arturo read them.

After, it was time for the learning centre.

The Group of children who stayed inside had a special guest. We connected with Kruti online and she shared with us her favourite book ‘On the trail’. Children saw how different bugs followed the trail to find out who ate their food. After, children were invited to create the bugs and food they saw in the book. It was lovely to see many children created ladybugs and caterpillars. They also challenged their memory skill as they recall the sequence of the story.


On the deck, another group of children used their senses to explore nature. First, they went out to the yard and searched for and picked up various natural materials there. They looked, touched, smelled to explore the differences in each natural material. After, children were invited to create nature collages using the materials they collected. They used their imagination and creativity to produce a unique collage.


In the afternoon, children who didn’t get a chance in the morning joined for storytime with Kruti. They listened to the story very keenly and with great interest.


Thank you for the fun Monday. Stay safe everyone.


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