Hello, Crimson families. Oh no! It’s raining. The weather has been very nice lately, so the rain may be a blessing for the plants and some animals.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and talked about ‘National book week”, which we are going to celebrate this week. Children are welcome to bring books from home as their news. Please write the child name before bringing it in. Thank you! Today, Lily, Evelyn, Thomas and Euan shared their books.

Lily –  ‘Never touch a T-REX’  I brought this book because I wanted to share this book with everyone. It was on the couch in my home. I don’t know who got it. My favourite character is T-Rex and secretary.

Evelyn ‘Isabella’s secret’  I like this book because I like fairy. In this book, Isabella meets fairies. In this book, Isabella is small and she can fly. I got this book for my sister’s birthday. My favourite character is Isabella.

Thomas – ‘Seek and find Pirates’ I got this book because I like pirates. I like pirates because they have treasure. I want to find pirates treasure with them. My favourite character is pirate.   

Euan – ‘The hand-knitted hero’ I chose this book today but I have more books at home. Not the same character but black book. My favourite character is this person (Point to the person with the glasses on the cover) because he has jacket on. They searching for something.


Thank you for sharing beautiful stories. After, it was Kruti’s turn to share her favourite book. Today, she read us the book ‘Diggers and Lew’. Children showed great interest in Mole and had a lot of questions such as:

  •  What do they eat?
  •  How do they dig the hole?
  •  Why do they live underground?
  • How did their house look like?
  •  How and where can we meet moles?

Archie had a really good question “Are moles nocturnal?”. We didn’t know the answer. So we looked it up on the Internet. And we found out…. Yes, moles are nocturnal!!!!! It was wonderful to see the children showing their curiosity and willingness to learn more!

After, it was time for the learning centre.

Due to heavy rain and cold weather, children engaged in activities inside the room. First, children extended their interest in moles by drawing them. They looked at the pictures and drew moles of their own ideas. Some children drew them digging a hole, and some drew them coming out of the hole. After finishing their drawings, each child engaged in an activity that caught their interest.

In the afternoon, children listened to the books that Lily, Evelyn, Thomas and Euan brought for today’s news time. Also, the children who signed up enjoyed the dance lesson with Alejandra.

The weather wasn’t great but children had a fun day. Stay safe everyone.

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