It’s raining after a long time and here we are back to a chilled day. Good afternoon dear Aqua family we hope you all are doing well.

We spent our morning sharing and reading books brought from our homes. It was exciting to read some new stories and share with all our peers during free time as well as in group time.

Noah and Theo helped each other to solve the puzzles whilst wearing their builder’s hat. They are very settled and enjoying exploring the Aqua room.

Playdough today was fun; we added some knives to the table for the children to use. They showed amazing hand and eye coordination skills cutting the dough into little pieces.

Learning centre time came and we had lots of free activities to explore. The children mixed colours using shaving foam, they made circles and mixed yellow, green, and blue.

We also had the opportunity to use the glue sticks and make some nice collages for the wall.

Liza’s group enjoyed a fun experiment, they made ice using food colouring and baking soda. The children really enjoyed this experiment. They thought they were Elsa.

What a fun rainy day we had, but we do hope it is a sunny one tomorrow again. Have a lovely evening and we will see you all tomorrow Aqua.

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