Wednesday is here and the weather is a little less wet … but the children were able to run and explore outdoors more today, which was great!

As ‘Book Week’ continues, so does the children’s interest and imagination! Everyone has been enjoying reading more books together and getting lost in stories and illustrations. We love to read books during our group times and talk about the stories together!

Yoga with Ekta this morning was very energetic! The children jumped around and warmed up in the cold weather. The boys showed off their yoga poses today, they like to hop like frogs!

Our book this week is ‘The Gingerbread Man’! The children have loved listening to the story and have been surprised by the ending with that sneaky fox! Today the children have fun painting their own sneaky fox and talking about how he ‘chomped’ the gingerbread man and gobbled him up!

Our day has been filled with secret arts and crafts, book reading and dancing! What a day 😊

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