Good afternoon everyone and hope you are enjoying your day

It’s great to see the rain has finally moved on and we had a chance to head out to the garden for a play once the wind stopped and the sun warmed up the morning.

Today we had a fun selection of activities and experiences for us to explore and a wonderful group time we had chatting about our bookweek books with our friends.

Today Sage, Isabelle and Isla brought in their favourite book. We had a lovely time reading them with the group and chatting about your favourite pages and why they are so special to you.

Issabel:  My book was for my birthday that’s why it’s special to me.

Isla: My book is from my grandpa when I was a baby

Sage: My grandpa bought this book at the shop for me.

Some of our activities today were bookweek book creations where we continued making our books filled with stories and adventures.

Thomas: My book is a giant volcano to blast into the sky

Alannah: My book today is all about the animals in the jungle

Celina: My book is about my princess playing with her mummy

Our car track was so popular yesterday we put it out again today  and we will be extending this activity to create a village to drive the cars through as the day’s progress. It’s so wonderful to see the children working together to build their creations.

Outside we had some gross motor balance beams and stepping stones to practice our large body movements.

We also had large building construction, home corner dramatic and imaginative play, relaxing reading spaces with hand puppets,  fine motor exploration trays and we have started our counting matching game.

What a busy fun day we had,

See you all tomorrow and have warm safe evening,

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