Welcome to hump day and what a great day we’ve had. We were very busy bumble bees today getting ready for Father’s Day. The children have been very busy getting creative to make something very special for their dads. Unfortunately, we cannot place any photos here on the day book, we would just ruin the surprise.

This week has been amazing and full of books and our favourite stories.  With Liza at her learning centre time the children had an amazing experience. They got to sit and tell their very own stories on the story board.

Claire really enjoyed this activity and told the children a wonderful story, this was her story.

“The man got off from the blanket, he ate some food, but he likes sausages then he was full and went to swim in the water’’. What a great storyteller you are Claire, we really enjoyed your story.

After Claire had finished, the other children were so eager to tell their stories. They wanted the same characters and props in their story. They each displayed amazing concentration skills as they sat and listened to each other tell the story.

We also had a wonderful evening as it was Annabel’s birthday. Annabel made the most amazing caterpillar cake which was the ‘’The Very Hunger Caterpillar’’. The children sat and sang happy birthday to her and then we got to taste the cakes and there was a lot of mmmmmmmmm’s coming from the tea table.

We wish you a big Happy Birthday Annabel and we hope you had a wonderful day. From all your teachers and peers at Aqua.

We hope you all have a nice evening and night. Stay safe everyone.

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