Welcome back everyone. Today the sun is shining again and there is lots of time to play in the outdoor area.

To start our morning off, Molly, Isla, Annabel, Alegria, Della and Remi joined Donna to make the playdough. While Donna was setting up the ingredients that we needed, she started to ask the girls what we need.

‘’Flour’’ Molly said.

‘’Salt’’ Della said.

‘’Oil’’ Isla said.

Very clever children. We mixed everything together and then the children said ‘’we want yellow dough, like the sun’’. Good choice.

Book week has been lots of fun and it was so nice to see Molly, Remi and Isla arrive in the same dress. How cute they are. They have been showing all their peers.

Thank you to all parents for participating and bringing books for us to share together, it has been a fun week.

Outside the children enjoyed playing in the house with the dolls. They make great teachers patting the baby.

Our new friends Rory, Theodore and Noah enjoyed the slide and laughed while they slid down it.

Today just like yesterday it was all about books. The children have been enjoying reading each other’s books. They have been doing amazing sharing together.

For learning centre time, the teachers set up activities regarding different stories the children enjoy daily with us.

We had the wonderful ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ station. The children made their very own caterpillar using recycled toilet roll holders. They really enjoyed the experience and made wonderful caterpillars.

Liza set up one of our recent favourite stories ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children had the opportunity to make the houses – Straw, sticks and brick houses. What a wonderful experience for them and the children were so excited to explore this area.

The rest of our day was full of wonderful experiences, especially the shaving foam with colour. Look at them smiles from Cassidy and Remi.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the Aqua parents for being so understanding and helpful to us teachers with the change in drop off and pick up. It is so lovely to see the BBC community and how we have all come together to keep each other safe. We hope you all have a wonderful evening and stay safe everyone.

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