Happy Thursday! The sun is shining today and the children have had another wonderful day in the Emerald room.

We have been enjoying reading books during group times for ‘Book Week’! Here are a few favourites from today … ‘The Very Hungry Bear’, ‘Cows in the Kitchen’, ‘The Gingerbread Man’, ‘Brown Bear’ and ‘Owl Babies’. Everyone has done a great job this week with their listening skills and have really loved sharing books with friends and teachers!

Time for yoga! Time to promote gross motor skills, balance and coordination through yoga poses and movements. The children love to join in and follow along to special yoga songs together. Great job little yogis 😊

The children have been exploring the book ‘The Gingerbread Man’ this week. We made the main character … and then that sneaky fox! What fun we have had painting these characters and talking about the story together.

Our thrilling Thursday was full of dancing, tower building, drawing practice and more secret arts and crafts … What a day!

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