Happy Thursday to all and hope you have had a lovely relaxing day today. Today started off at full speed ahead with activates and experiences galore.

It’s great to see our Magenta friends arriving with their books for Book week. This is such a wonderful opportunity to encourage and spark our interest in the written and spoken word. Keep your wonderful books coming in as we love to read them with all our friends during group times and throughout the day.

After some yummy morning tea we had a lovely play in the garden and our exploration and creativity was in full swing. We had a jungle walk happening with explores looking for insects and birds up in the trees, a cafe serving iceblocks, treats and yummy veggies. (There’s nothing quite like a side of broccoli to go with your morning coffee.) A building block station to build the tallest castle in the land and a car table where the fastest racing drives came to twist, turn, stop and begin a discussion about moving fast and slow around the table racing track.

For group time we continued to share our favourite books from home and discussed why they are special to us. We discussed how to take care of our books because paper pages are fragile and need to be handles with care.

Thomas: “I keep my book in my bedroom because I look after it there”.

Amelia: “My book is special and I take care of it being soft with turning the pages”.

Nishka: “I put my book on my book shelf for when it is ready to read with my baby sister”.

For learning centre time we focused today on the letter I which is the letter of the week, and have been completing our own bookweek books. We can’t wait so share our stories with you when we have finished them.

Some of our other activities today were large obstacle course, group games such as “what’s the time Mr wolf” and “crocodile may I cross the river” encouraging turn taking and listening for instructions, art and craft table where we made covers for our own bookweek stories, home corner where we made dinner for our families and shadow dancing watching as the sun created shadows of our bodies on the garden floor.

Leo: Look, my shadow is copying me, look, look he is freezing, and jumping and doing the same as me, he is so funny.

Zoe: My shadow is standing still when I stand still, and wiggling when I wiggle, hahaha

Alice: My shadow is small and Tima your shadow is big and we are friends

What a lovely day we have had,

See you all again tomorrow for another fun filled day of learning and exploration.

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