Good afternoon all Aqua families, we hope you all are doing well. The children all arrived full of smiles and good mornings to their peers and teachers.

Our morning started by sharing books and smiles together.

Claire started her morning by trying Liza’s jacket mentioning that she loved the colour.

“It is a warm Elsa dress!” exclaimed Claire.

Inside, we found a bug and Noah, Annabel, Cassidy and Alegria talked about the bug and other bugs that we can find around us.

Our dear Emma showed off her cool Ballerina moves and celebrated her achievement of balancing with smiles and jumps.

As always, learning centre was full of exciting stories. Thank you all for participating and bring lovely books to share.

Our children are all high-selling book authors. They all created their own story book today with Liza.

Alegria and Molly wrote and illustrated their stories to all her peers and educators.

‘The Frog in Log’ written and illustrated by Alegria.

‘The Bug in My Book’ written and illustrated by Molly.

‘Mummy’ written by Isidori.

‘Chocolate’ By Alison and lastly, Annabel wrote the story ‘Lines and Bugs’

Inside, children enjoyed the sensory and colour recognition experience based on the ‘The Rainbow Fish’ story. It was fun to try and scoop bouncy and slippery water beads.

Rupert was busy working in the office and claimed that he is working like his daddy.

Likewise, Isabel, Henry and Matilda were busy going shopping for tonight’s dinner.

The day was full of fun and ‘Going on A Bear Hunt’ with Komalpreet was a hit today!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Happy Friday! 😊

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