Hello, Crimson families. Thursday is here! We were so glad to finally see the sunshine.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and talked about dress ups the children were wearing. Some of them dressed as Elsa from Frozen, others dressed as Cinderella or Emma from Wiggles.

After, children were divided into two groups and had news time.

Lily –  ‘Emma and the mystery shoes ’ In this book, Emma has a bow that she usually wears and also, she got new shoes. She does so many things to find why she needs this shoes for. Like she is finishing in this page but this shoes is not for fishing. My favourite page is last page, she finds the shoes is for tap dancing.

Ava – ‘ Moana’ My mummy bought it for me when I was really really really tiny baby. Maddy and Lily helped me draw on it. My favourite page. Tiny baby Moana meets Ocean first time. My favourite character is Moana.

Charlotte – ‘Tippy Jellybean’ My mum bought it for me. My book is about Australian animals. Koala was living on the tree. But it was a bushfire and all the leaves go on fire. Airplane come then they are back home safely. My favourite character is the lady who helped and took care of koalas.

Thank you for sharing beautiful stories Lily, Ava and Charlotte. All the children are welcome to bring books from home as their news. Please write the child name before bringing it in. Thank you!

Also, Arya and Eddie had a chance to show their special thing from their home.

Arya – brought her daddy’s multi-coloured pens.  His mummy gave it to him because he can learn to draw some Australian animals. But he only draws a giraffe because the giraffe is his favourite animal.

Eddie – brought his blowing toy and old Macdonald toy.  This is toy from my home. This toy (old Macdonald toy) has yellow, blue, and orange colour things around. This toy spins and it is my favourite toy.

After that, each group listened to the story followed by a learning centre time.

Children in the Possum group and the Kookaburra group had storytime with Kruti. Today’s story was ‘The bush baby mix-up’. Children saw so many Aussie animals and their babies and they also enjoyed listening to rhyming words.

After, children were invited to sort out Aussie animals. They could have sorted them by animal species, or even by colour.



The platypus group listened to the book ‘Mr Archimedes’ Bath’. It was a great book for children to learn about weights and other mathematical concepts.

After, children recreated the story by placing figures of animals from the story in a tub of water.

It was another fun day! Stay safe everyone.

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