Happy Friday from all of us in the Emerald room! The children have loved ‘Book Week’ and the activities to go along with it 😊

We think we have successfully read all of the books in the Emerald room this week! We have re-read some favourites and introduced the children to new stories and illustrations that they have been able to interpret and explore! Well done everyone!

Books are a fantastic tool for learning, especially in the early years and we are so happy that the children love books as much as we do!

Group time is followed by yoga, where the children can stretch and jump and move their little bodies! We love creating different animal poses with our bodies too!

‘The Gingerbread Man’ has been a real hit this week, so we tried making some gingerbread men of our own! The children helped mix, pour, scoop and measure to make a yummy dough and then they used a rolling pin to roll out the dough and cut little men out! We enjoyed our tasty gingerbread men for afternoon tea!

‘The Gruffalo’ is another fantastic book that the children love to read! Today they used coloured pens to decorate their own Gruffalo monster!


We enjoyed free painting at the easel, drawing pictures and dancing together! Thanks for a lovely week sharing books with us 😊

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