Welcome Crimson families, it a great Friday with weather supporting to play in different learning environments. While eating morning tea, children were planning their activities and entire day routine. They were excited about showing books on different topics that they brought from home.

Today is the last day for ‘National Book Week’. Children had engaged in video story telling with Kruti with the book ‘DON’T WORRY HUGLASS DOUGLASS’ by David Meiling. The book was followed by News Time, which was children’s favorite book from home.

Children shared their ideas on their books as follows:

Charlotte: “I got this book from book shop, jellybeans and tippy. The book is called a ‘Tippy and Jellybean.’ It has lots of koalas inside. It also has pictures about bush fire and leaves falling down”.

Dominic: “I got the book about planes from home. I also went to airport with my mum and dad. The plan flew all the way higher in the sky.”

Alexia: “I have book ‘Gruffalo’s Child.’ It has bears in it where they found stick on floor and hold it tight. I got this book long time ago.”

Lily: “I got book ‘Rudolph and Red Nose Reindeer’ from table at my home. It is a Christmas book with deer and Santa Claus. It also has monster who hides behind ice.”

Edward: “I got book polar bear from my daddy. Polar bears are found in Antarctica and North pole. They are white and not scary like other bears.”

Teos: “I got book ‘A bugs life’ from my home. It how is about life of bugs such as spiders. I also have spiders at my home which I keep it safe.”


Following with book week, next week News time will be Literacy week for children interpreting different pictures, objects, and music.

In the learning Centre, children were engaged in constructive play through mobilos and magnets. They were using their imagination to create designs for their own creations. Following up with constructive play, children engaged in a marble run to create their own designs for running marbles. On the other side, children were engaged in literacy and visual skill development by elaborating the book in real life. Children looked at book ‘Paper Bag Princess’ and then memorize it to express through gestures. Children also made paper bags with stickers and handwritten on it.

Thank You and Have a nice weekend.


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