Good afternoon Magenta families and welcome to another week with us here in the Magenta room.

What a lovely start to our week we are having. We started today with some morning tea and some classical music to relax our listening ears and to encourage a dialogue between the children about the fast and slow tempo of the music they were listening to.

For learning centre time we are extending upon the interest of the children after noticing the children pointing out natural birds, insects and animals in the tree tops of our garden as the weather is warming up. As a group we discussed how we could make a natural world in our little sand pit container. Together we went for a walk looking for sea creatures and Australian animals hiding in our toy boxes, plants to be the trees next to the beach and we had a look for some native animals hiding in the trees that might look down and think that is a wonderful place to play.

Thomas: The kookaburras will want to come and play in the ocean world but he can’t eat the trees.

Alice: I can see the sea creatures in the water they are very happy splashing next to the grass.

Henry: The shark is splashing and eating the trees, he is so cheeky, Tima look, he is so funny

Amelia: The koala is putting his feet into the water to see if the water is a nice place to splash. Be careful koala, doesn’t splash too high or the water will get on your body.

Louis: the octopus is climbing up on the rocks and forest to hide from the shark, then he can go back when the shark swims away.

We have also been practicing our counting and number writing and we are getting very good, our fine motor skills are developing wonderfully. One of our favourite songs at the moment is “how many fingers on my hands”

Some of our other activities today were continuing on with our cubby house puppet show, large construction blocks, play dough, obstacle course, balance beam, colour matching card activity, drawing and writing table where we have started to discuss how the garden will grow now the weather is warming up.

Hope you are all having a lovely start to your week and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for another fun filled day.

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