Tuesday has arrived, the sun in shining and the children were all kinds of excited to be at BBC in their pyjamas! Everyone looked so cute and cosy all day 😊

During group time, the children engaged with their educators by reading stories, having conversations, singing songs and playing games! We had so much fun and enjoy this time of the day!

Yoga? In our pyjamas? Yes please! This made the meditation really comfy; we nearly fell asleep! The children enjoyed stretching and jumping to warm up their bodies for the day! The children loved flapping their wings like a butterfly.

We love dinosaurs! They are lots of fun and today the children had a great time drawing and decorating a big dinosaur on cardboard with their friends. This big group activity was a fun way to encourage the children to join in as part of a group, share and take turns!

During book week, the children were introduced to some books about Pirates! So today, the children had fun gluing and sticking to create their own pirate ship, whilst wearing a pirate hat, of course … Arrr, what fun we had!

Today has been a busy day of activities and free play! The children loved building towers from blocks and digging in the sand pit 😊

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