Happy Tuesday everyone and we hope your week is off to a great start.
What a great turn out for pyjama day and what an incredible discussion is has prompted with all the children chatting about their sleep attire and how special each and everyone looks.

Thomas: I am a super hero in my Pyjamas
Isaac: I am Optimus Prime and I will protect kindy
Alannah: I am Peppa pig and a great big purple dinosaur
Sage: I am so warm and cozy in my pyjamas
Today we had a relaxing start to our day as the children welcomed their friends as they arrived and enjoyed a morning of self select activities which promotes a sense of belonging to our Magenta room. We also had informal chats about taking care of our room toys and how kind it is to share with our friends and help our friends find activities if they need any help, and also how wonderful it is to invite our friends to play with us.

For group time we read some of our favorite books and sung our favorite songs like ” you are my Sinshine” and “down in the bottom of the sea”.
Some of our learning centre activities today were painting our imagination and painting our rainbow cupcakes

Isla: I painted Elise’s big sister

Elise: I painted my big sister

Nishka: I painted the sunrise

Alannah: I painted the beautiful rainbow

We are also continuing on with our mangrove/ocean/jungle world and as the days go by  the children have been finding more nature to add to the little world.

Some of our other activities today were home corner where we made our very own cupcake shop and were selling our cakes and pastries for extremely good prices such as $3 dollars, $5 dollars, book reading tent, car mat, balance beam, large construction blocks and drawing table where we have started drawing our own ocean and jungle world.

hope you all have a lovely evening and see you tomorrow,

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