Hello, Crimson families. It is a Pyjama Day! It was great to see the children dressed up in their favourite PJs. And children were happy to see Arturo’s and Shoko’s PJ as well.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and listened to our friend’s news. This week and next week’s topic is ‘Extension of book week’. We would like to focus on literacy this time. Children are encouraged to sing songs, rhymes, or tell stories that they know. They are also welcome to bring their special things from home and explain about them.

Arya– showed us a photo. “It is photo from home. It was yesterday, me and my daddy took photo together. We didn’t use it for long time so we tried it and it worked. “

Euan – told us a ‘gingerbread man’ story“It was an old lady and she cooked gingerbread man and it came alive and run away from the house. Old lady, old man, and cow chased and gingerbread man said “Run, run, you can’t catch me. I’m a gingerbread man”. Fox talked to gingerbread man “Hop on my back, then neck, then head.” Gingerbread man fell into fox’s mouth. “

Teos – told us a ‘kids’ story

“In big school, it was bad big kids and good school kids. Bad kids said good kids stole the bike. But good kids said they didn’t. “

Charlotte, Ava, Alexia, Evelyn, and Arya

Sang the continent song. Because that is our favourite song, everyone sang together.

Ryan, Arda, Thomas-

Showed wonderful numeracy skills to count 1 to 100.  


Sang Twinkle twinkles little star.

Max W- talked about his PJ.

“It’s so cool because it feels nice and it’s spiderman. I like my pyjama. “

Max R- talked about his PJ.

“This is transformer pyjama. I like my pyjama because I like transformer. It can transform. Red one can transform to airplane.

Ava – showed us her new shoes.

“I have new shoes. I have barbie inside. When my mum bought it, it was too big for me. But, it’s not too big anymore.”


After, children participated in various learning experiences.  On the deck, children were busy making cards for Father’s Day. They demonstrated their literacy skill and wrote their names and messages. It was wonderful to see each children’s love towards daddies. In the room, children worked for their daddies as well. They made cookies for daddies, but shhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s a secret gift!!!!


In the afternoon, Alejandra came for the dance class.

That was another fun day! Stay safe everyone.

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