It’s already Wednesday! What a week we are having 😊 Today is the first day of Spring and the weather is beautiful – perfect for playing outside!

During group time the children gathered round in their circles to welcome everyone to the day, sing songs and read books! We love reading together and the children often ask for their favourite ones or ask us to read the same book again and again!

We moved our bodies in our yoga session this morning. The children reached up high and jumped around, exercising their gross motor skills, balance and coordination. In our meditation section at the end of our yoga time, the children have been learning the ‘happy baby’ pose with their feet in the air!

The children have started a super-fun dinosaur project this week and continue to create dinosaur art using green paint and a Stegosaurus! Everyone had fun exploring the paint with their hands and using a paintbrush to decorate.

Shiver me timbers … the children have been enjoying reading pirate books and making fantastic pirate ships!

We used our fine motor skills to glue and stick coloured paper onto a cloud and to practice our drawing skills. The children have been exploring the different colours they can see and couldn’t wait to use their little voices to share with their educators.

It got a little warm in the afternoon! The children enjoyed cooling off with water play and washing the animals, toys and mermaids! Thanks for a lovely day 😊

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