Hello everyone! It is so good to have a warm weather back to start the spring. Days are getting warmer and therefore, please do send hats so that we all can enjoy warm days outside.

It’s funny how our morning started with some night routines. Matilda pretended to go to bed with her fellow peers whilst Isabel read bedtime stories before going to bed.

On the other hand, Noah, Rory and Theo helped each other construct railway tracks for the trains and Jack was busy playing some music.

As always, children participated in group time, listening to stories and sharing their stories. This allows them to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem.

With Liza, the children enjoyed pretending to become butterflies with butterfly wings and made one. It was fun to see beautiful butterflies painting and showing off their cool butterfly moves.

Alice and Sophia showed their empathy towards dinosaurs and feed them some food (water seeds).

Inside, Komalpreet talked about shapes with children and encouraged them to make different shapes as well as name them.

Similarly, outside, our busy chefs were into making some delicious lunch for their peers and educators.

With mutual discussion, we had pasta, noodles, ice cream and lollipops in the menu. It was really tasty!

The day was full of fun and exploration.

Lastly, ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ was a hit today. All children demonstrated their good social and physical skills while completing the obstacle course.

Hope you all have a lovely day too.

Take care and stay safe 😊

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