What a beautiful, sunny start to our week. Happy Monday to everyone and welcome back after your weekend. We hope you had a nice one.

To start the morning off, the children joined Carolina on the yoga mats. The children took direction from her and completed the poses. Yoga will help the children with anxiety and improve emotional regulation.

We have been busy bees today. Teresia enjoyed some time at the water station. She showed her fine motor skills when she put the syringe into the water and managed to get some in. Sophia and Alison did it also.

Molly also showed amazing coordination and fine motor skills as she sat at the cutting table and made small slits in her paper.

Noah and Rory enjoyed exploring the small car area. They transported the cars around the mat.

Cassidy enjoyed the block table; he built a tall tower so he could knock it down. He laughed as it tumbled to the ground.

Elizabeth had fun feeding her doll in the outdoor kitchen area. While Molly climbed and showed her physical development.

Claire enjoyed drawing at the drawing table with Teresia.

Della enjoyed building with Alison and chatted with Donna when she was building her big house. Isidari also enjoyed building with blocks.

Isla bear displayed amazing gross motor development when climbing the tree.

Painting and being creative are very popular also. The children used brushes and stamps today to explore paint.

What a fun filled Monday have a lovely evening.

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