Happy Tuesday everyone. We have been busy bees today. We are really enjoying book week and also today was very special as it was pyjama day. It was wonderful to see everyone arrive in their beautiful, colourful pjs.

Today the children helped Rosanna make the dough, they love this activity and happily come to the table to join in. They measure out the ingredients and then mix them all together. They added red food colouring.

After we got to mould the dough into shapes we wanted.

The children joined Alejandra to make marks on the paper with large markers. The children are making circles and lines which is age appropriate.

The sandpit was a big hit, especially with our new peers from nursery, they love cars and happily transported them around the pit.

Cakes where also made and there was a lot of ‘’yum’’ coming from the sandpit as the children pretended to eat the cake.

With Carolina the children read The Gruffalo book and then coloured in the outline of him. They enjoy the story a lot and requested it again in the evening time.

We also continue to make that something special for Dad.

What a fun day. Have a nice evening.

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