Hello, Crimson families. September is here! It is the first day of spring. All the children were happy with the warm and sunny weather.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and listened to our friend’s news. This week and next week’s topic is ‘Extension of book week’. We would like to focus on literacy this time. Children are encouraged to sing songs, rhymes, or tell stories that they know. They are also welcome to bring their special things from home and explain about them.


Arya– showed us photo. “It is photo from home. It was yesterday, me and my daddy took photo together. We didn’t use it for long time so we tried it and it worked. “

Euan – told us a ‘gingerbread man’ story“It was an old lady and she cooked gingerbread man and it came alive and run away from the house. Old lady, old man, and cow chased and gingerbread man said “Run, run, you can’t catch me. I’m a gingerbread man”. Fox talked to gingerbread man “Hop on my back, then neck, then head.” Gingerbread man fell into fox’s mouth. “

Teos – told us a story“

Yesterday, I saw a spider. Spider came to the table. Then he jumped somewhere. I wasn’t scared. I didn’t have a bad dream about it.”

Max R – told us a ‘Toy story’“

It was woody and buzz. And little girl made toy with two wooden spoon and metal. She made it by herself. She glued it together.”

Max R, Teos, Edward, Thomas, Arda, Arya and Shona

Showed wonderful numeracy skills to count 100 to 150. They said they will count 150 to 200 tomorrow.  

Oscar W – shared a dream he had

“When I was sleeping, I had a dream. And dream was about racing. I was racing with someone but there was no cars. We went to mountain; he fell off because it was no fences.  He fell into the ocean. I never fell, I just looked down.”

Imri   talked about his puppy“

Last morning, my puppy jumped from sofa. Then my puppy went under the sofa. Puppy jumped to my mummy too.”

Belian shared his book ‘There’s no such a thing’

“My mummy just found it at home. I like this book because it’s funny.”Then Amol read this book. All the children enjoyed the story.


After, children explored the different learning areas.  On the deck, the boys had great fun with the road, car wash and cars. They each took a role such as a driver, people working in the car wash or traffic controller and cooperatively play together. Some of them even added magnetic tiles and build houses and buildings around the road. On the mat, Ava and Charlotte were really good at taking care of babies. They put babies to sleep, fed baby food and played with them. Inside the room, a group of children coloured paper in blue. It represents the sky. We will be making art pieces to combine with the paper we painted green last week to represents the land.



Thank you Oscar for the beautiful flowers!!



It was a delightful first day of spring today! Stay safe everyone.

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