Good Afternoon everyone and hope your day has been a good one.

We have had a great Thursday here in Magenta and luckily the rain held off so we had full use of our wonderful garden. Today as the children arrived we helped our educators and friends set up some additional activities to our learning spaces. This is a wonderful way to strengthens self-autonomy and a great way to boost confidence to voice thoughts and ideas.  We are all so proud of our clever minds and ideas.

Celina- I think the doll house will be a good activity today.

Luca – I choose the mini connecting blocks

Levi – me too, they are my favourite

Thomas – and me I love the connecting blocks

Emmeline – I think I can have the painting table. Painting is so much fun for me

For group time today we read some wonderful stories that our friends have brought in. Today Leo brought in a book called “ I love my daddy so much”   and after reading it we discussed all the important people in our lives and how if someone is special inside our heart we take care of them and look after them. Luca also brought in some more wonderful transport books and after reading them we made our very own truck and car station outside and used our imaginations to drive along our road.

We also continued on with the letter J of the week and Isla brought in a jug and we chatted about how next week we might make Tima’s recipe for homemade orange juice.

For learning centre activities we continued on with our spring activities such as our mini world exploration, painting our poster, and flower paintings describing what we see in the garden during spring time and next week we will be extending this further so over the weekend if you see any flowers or pieces of nature such as gumnuts, pine cones or leaves etc.. feel free to bring them in so we can add them to our nature exploration table.

Some of our other activities today were spontaneous hospital taking care of our friends, hide and seek, mini connecting blocks, collage table, outdoor gross motor activities, reading cubby house and home corner.

Have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow.


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