Welcome Back dear Aqua Families.

We all are enjoying the lovely spring weather outdoors so please do send hats for all our Aqua children.

Like yesterday, our morning started with bedtime routines where Isabel and Alegria got very tired after shopping with their babies and then went to sleep mentioning it is dark outside.

Whilst some children enjoyed early morning outside. Chelsea was busy making some morning tea for her peers and educators. Whereas Isidori demonstrated her good social skills by sharing the balloons with her peers.

Rupert enjoyed his time with jungle animals and making animal sounds.

Our Aqua butterflies flew all the way around the Aqua yard by flapping their wings. It was lovely to see how some butterflies participated in painting and painted beautiful butterflies.

Discussing about Father’s Day was fun in group time and Happy Father’s Day to all.

Many, many happy returns to our dear friend Iris. We wish you best wishes for your birthday.

Noah, Rory and Jack participated in sensory play where they enjoyed making sounds from water splash and feeling the textures of flowers.

“It is soft!” exclaimed Noah.

“Cold Water!” exclaimed Rory.

Ice painting and Project ‘Spring’ was a hit today. Children enjoyed making spring trees by sticking. Likewise, outside, children enjoyed feeling the cold ice and making rainbows.

The day was full of fun and exploration.

Have a very good weekend and take care. 😊

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