Welcome Crimson families, it is amazing weather to explore outdoors on Friday morning. The children were engaged in physical exercises in the cubby house, monkey bars and games like soccer and skateboarding.

In the group time, children were engaged with literacy activities of telling stories, singing, or explaining their important events. Teos, Max W and Edward A came up to the front and explained about their stories. Elliot showed his favorite Star Wars video to everyone. Laura brought her drawing and matching clip from the shop. Arya got a shell from the beach a long time ago.


After News Time, the children engaged in constructive and social play where they showed skills of creating, designing, and implementing learning experiences through imagination. All the children were experimenting their ideas to use different designs to form creations. The learning experiences also include social and parallel play where children were engaged in group play and play on their own.

Outdoor play was mostly led by sand play with buckets, animals, and toys. The children also added spades and pipes to create their castles. During ongoing conversations, children were discussing about creating tunnels. Additionally, children went outside in the yard for development of fine and gross motor skills. They were engaged in obstacle courses and team play.


We Wish you Happy Father’s Day

Thank You

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