It’s Friday! The children have had a great week participating in different learning activities and experiences 😊 The weather has been lovely and we have spent a lot of time outside!

Our day started off the same as any other, with group time followed by yoga! The children love to sit in group times with their educators, reading books and singing songs. Then we wake up our bodies with yoga, where the children exercise their gross motor skills by practicing different yoga poses!

The Dinosaur experience continues with dinosaurs and playdough! We love playing with playdough! It is such a fun and sensory activity that allows the children to explore the texture and use their fine motor skills to manipulate the dough.

Spring has sprung and the children loved painting some pretty pink flowers with yellow paint! We got nice and messy and talked about the weather changing and the flowers growing!

Thank you for a lovely week in the Emerald room! The children have had a wonderful time 😊 Enjoy your Father’s Day this weekend!

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