Happy Monday and welcome back! We hope all our dads had a wonderful Father’s Day and had fun celebrating at home.

Today we had a nice and sunny start to the week. We began our morning with some activities, Noah and Rory enjoyed playing together with cars.

A group of the children explored the dolls in the cubby house. They patted them to sleep and gave some food to eat.

Noah made a drum in the sand pit, clever boy, he used the rack and banged it on the pot. He laughed as he made a big sound.

Nicholas enjoyed rolling the wheel around the garden and his friend Isabel helped him.

Della showed her gross motor control as she climbed the tree.

Iris was sitting telling Donna all about her special tea she made for her dad for Father’s Day, we got our picture took together.

Alison was enjoying time with Carolina in the sandpit.

A small group explored the men and made funning faces with them.

Group times came and the children listened to many stories, their favourite was ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’.

After group time, the children explored activities set up. Some of the children enjoyed getting creative with the paint. Nicholas made some nice marks with it, lots of long lines.

Some of the children explored the scissors and made some slits in the paper. Cutting helps us with hand and eye coordination and Maya showed of her balancing skills on the balance beam.

Another creative activity was set up with glue for the children to make collage using many colourful pieces of paper and feathers. Cassidy really enjoyed the glue activity.

With Komalpreet the children made playdough for the week. They used 3 colours and the children helped her mix the ingredients together.

We had a fun day and hope that all our Aqua families have a nice evening.

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