Happy Monday! We welcome you back to another week in the Emerald room! The children have had a marvellous time today.

During group time, the children read lots of books together. One of our favourites of the day was ‘The Green Sheep’ and the children loved to say “I don’t know!” and shrug their shoulders when asked where the green sheep was! We sang songs and played with toys that have fun lights on them!

Time for yoga! The children love to start their day by moving their little bodies and practicing their yoga poses. They follow along to the yoga music and copy actions and poses. Yoga is a great way to encourage physical development through gross motor movements!

Arrr me hearties … Today we decorated a treasure chest! We continue to read about pirates and the children enjoyed using their fine motor skills to glue and stick some sparkly treasure!

Today has been very fun! The children loved playing with playdough in the morning. They used their fingers to poke and manipulate and explore. We played with the kitchen set and made dinner for all our friends.

Thank you for a fun day! 😊

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