Happy Monday Magenta families, We hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend and celebrated a wonderful Father’s Day weekend with your loved ones,

To start our day this Monday we have begun to gather our nature items and placed them into our discovery spring table. The children had a wonderful time talking about the textures and what the leaves, rocks, flowers, grass etc…feel like. It was lovely to hear their thoughts and ideas they shared over morning tea and a play in the garden as they arrived this morning.

Leo: the scratchy part of the tree is called bark

Amelia: I give my flowers water to drink like me

Elaria: the garden is called nature and you have to be quiet and gentle when you touch nature

Some of our other activities today were reading corner to explore our wonderful books and hand puppets.   Cubby house where we have begun to turn it into our spring time farm house where we chatted about how to take care of our garden and grow our plants really really big and our animals like guinea pigs and chickens.

Group time today we reflected on fathers day and expanded upon who else is in our family and why they are special to our heart and how we celebrate with our loved ones,

Emmeline: we had yummy cupcakes for daddy’s day

Alannah: I had cupcakes and chocolate to celebrate my daddy

Henry: I had cupcakes in my home for daddy

Nishka: I gave daddy a big drawing

Levi: I gave daddy breakfast in bed

We also read the wonderful story Nishka brought in about a family who travels to the Australian Great Barrie Reef and explores the coral and ocean animals. It was so interesting to talk about all the colours of the coral and sea life that live below the water in the shallow parts of the reef.

After group time we headed off to the crimson yard to a garden spring drawing table with flowers where we drew what we would love in our spring time garden to encourage a dialogue discussing the seasons of the year. We also had a great play in the crimson cubby where we pretended we were being chased by a dragon and the cubby house was our castle. We used our imaginations to become brave castle protectors and save our friends from the dragon – (who was only cranky because he forgot to eat breakfast), once we figured that out, we gave him some imaginary food and he quickly became our Magenta room friend.

for the afternoon we had some lovely self select activities and some of these were home corner, puzzls, drawing, collage, nature exploration trays and our ocean / mangrove mini exploring world

What a lovely relaxing start to the week and we are all looking forward to the rest of the week,

See you all again tomorrow.

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