What a beautiful and sunny day. Please make sure a sun smart hat is provided every day in your child’s backpack so we can stay safe from the sun.

We had lots of fun in the garden today exploring activities set up, also the sandpit.

India enjoyed the water play with the sea animals and mermaids. She moved the duck around the water pushing him to make him go to the other side.

Teresia made some cakes in the sandpit. While Charlotte and Alegria enjoyed the Dino’s, making the noise ‘’roarrrr’’ for them.  Theodore also enjoyed exploring the dinosaurs.

After group time the children were invited to join Katherine in a wonderful experience where they shopped at Coles.  They got in the car and when they arrived at the shops brought their bags to buy their groceries. The children seemed to enjoy this experience and spent a long time playing here.

Inside, the children were invited to join Liza in an experience all about Spring. They listened to the story of the birds and then explored the parrots and different animals in the bowls. They explored the type of seeds the birds like to eat.

The children enjoyed different creative experiences throughout the day also.

What a fun day we had in the sunshine; we hope you all have a nice evening.

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