Happy Friday Magenta families,

what a great day to close out another fun filled and exciting busy week in our Magenta room.

For group time this morning we sang some of our favorite songs such as “you are my sunshine, barramundi and 5 little cakes in the bakers shop” and talked about fast and slow tempos and the sound of quiet and loud voices when we are singing.

Isla: I can make my voice very loud and quiet.

Isaac: “when I whisper, my voice is like a little mouse.

Leo: My voice is big and loud when I talk loud and slow

Singing is a great way to build our vocabulary. Music introduces children to the sounds and meaning of a wide range of words and helps strengthen their memory skills. It also allows us to add counting and letters of the alphabet into a rhythmic pattern.

We also read the book “There’s a sea in my bedroom” and talked about how an imaginary ocean came to life in a little boys bedroom helping him to become brave enough to try going to the beach with his family.

Some of our other activities today were spring time playdough, drawing and collage table where we further extended our fine motor skills. Outdoor cubby house cafe where we were making little cakes and fruit smoothies to serve to our friends.

Lego construction area where building bridges and roads for our car to drive on and large gross motor obstacle course for balancing and foot/eye coordination.

What a fun day we have had, next week we will be extending our nature exploration table so if you are in your garden over the weekend and you see some flowers, tree leaves, bark, gumnuts or any interesting nature things feel free to bring them in and add them to our nature table.

Wishing you all a lovely Fathers Day on Sunday and hope you spend this day with the people in your lives who make you smile.

Take care and see you all next week.

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