Welcome back to another exciting day in Aqua!

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS to our dear friend Poppy for being a big sister. 😊

And Happy Birthday Dear Remi and Liza! Best wishes from Aqua Family. 😊

Our day started by enjoying the warm weather outside. Please send children with sun smart hats.

Poppy and Maya enjoyed building their houses from Legos whilst some children got busy shopping for their dinner, exhibiting their social skills by sharing and taking turns.

In group time with Komalpreet, Daniel and Katherine, we all discussed about the importance of putting on hats and sun cream followed by reading books and singing action songs.

Bird Nest was a hit today. Children enjoyed exploring and making stories from sensory eggs and bird puppets.

We also enjoyed learning the names of birds and making a collage from it. All children are developing their learning dispositions in our project Spring.

Similarly, children enjoyed sticking and exploring spring leaves and flowers facilitating their fine motor skills.

Our day was full of fun and excitement. Hope you all had a good day too.

Have a good time. 😊

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