Hello, Crimson families. It was another beautiful weather! Children enjoyed exploring all the areas in the Crimson Room.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and listened to our friend’s news. This week’s topic is ‘Extension of book week’. We would like to focus on literacy this time. Children are encouraged to sing songs, rhymes, or tell stories that they know. They are also welcome to bring their special things from home and explain about them.

Arya– Minnie Mouse Hair Band

“That was a time when I was small, my mum bought it. I wear it at night because of the light. I chose red colour because I like red.”

Teos – shared his news

“Yesterday, I went to new house. I already live there, and it’s not so far from here. At night time, I had a new toothbrush. I like new house because I can play soccer with my daddy in the backyard.”

Ava-Rose – photo book“This is a family photo book.

“This is my mummy, daddy, daddy’s friends, granny, brother. This is a photo when I wasn’t born yet. I was my mummy’s tummy”

Euan – told a ‘Gingerbread man’ story“

Once upon a time, there was an old man and lady. Old lady cooked gingerbread man. When it was ready, she popped it from the oven, gingerbread man starts running. Old lady and old man chasing after him………. Fox said ‘hop on my head” and gingerbread man falls into fox’s mouth”

Thomas – book ‘The super swooper dinosaur’ by Martin Waddell

“I’ve got it from grandma. This is my favourite page because dinosaur is hiding. They are playing hide and seek. I love dinosaurs even they are real.”

Imri – book ‘Nannie Loves’ by Kylie Dunstan

Because it looked very interesting, Amol read the book. All the children enjoyed the story.   The children were then split into two groups to explore the different learning areas.



In the room, the children listened to the book called “Sometimes I feel happy.” as RU Ok day is coming on the 9th of September. After, children were asked ‘What makes them happy?’, and ‘What they do when they feel happy’. It was very sweet to hear many children said: “cuddle/hug from mummy makes me happy!” Then, children were invited to make a mask with a happy face.

On the deck, children were invited to draw shapes. Some of them drew a triangle, other drew a love heart. Another group of children were busy working in the sandpit. They used spades to dig deep holes and connected them together. All of them cooperated well and actively exchanging ideas.


Elliot enjoyed storytime with Amol.

Thank you for the fun Tuesday. Stay safe everyone!

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