Hello, Crimson families. we were so happy with this beautiful weather. Just a quick reminder to all families, please provide sum smart hat every day so children can have a fun time in the yard.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and listened to our friend’s news. This week’s topic is ‘Extension of book week’. We would like to focus on literacy this time. Children are encouraged to sing songs, rhymes, or tell stories that they know. They are also welcome to bring their special things from home and explain about them.

Arya– plastic spoon

“I found this spoon on the beach. And it was lane cove beach, not Tasmanian beach. I can find lots of things on the beach. I use metal soon at home.”

Charlotte – doll

“I got this toy Rapunzel from home. She has blue eyes and a pretty dress. I like this because she is beautiful”

Belian – book

“I got book ‘Pig the Pug’. It is from my home. It is the story about pug who doesn’t want to share and wants to fly”

Teos – told a story

The story was about whales who want to eat the big kids.

The children were then split into two groups to explore the different learning areas.

In the room, the children decided to extend their interest in the book Belian brought and create their own book. They first made a booklet from a bundle of papers, and then added pictures to it. Because there were a lot of pages and they worked very hard and were very focused.

On the deck, children were invited to paint one of the Maui God Haumia. They used the book as a reference and painted his figure using brown paint. They have already painted several other gods and sang songs about them during group time, so they are becoming more and more familiar with Maui culture.

We hope you have a wonderful afternoon. Stay safe everyone!

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