Good afternoon Magenta families and hope your mid-week Wednesday is going well.

We have had such a wonderful day here in Magenta filled with wonderful experiences and learning activities.

As promised, we have attached our Orange juice pictures from yesterday’s afternoon tea to today’s images and even this morning all the children were still chatting about it with a glimmer of excitement in their eyes. We had such a fun time making our very own yummy Orange juice straight from the fruit. Thank you again Leo for the delicious Oranges.

To start today off we had some morning yoga out in the garden where we used this time to chat about how stretching our muscles can help our bones stay healthy and strong. We also used this time to watch and listen to the birds and animals in the trees and listen to them calling bird calls across the morning sky.

We also spent some time in the morning watering our plants and having a look if any had grown,

Alannah: they haven’t grown yet, maybe tomorrow or next week they will begin to grow. The seed is not read to grow yet.

Isla: Maybe they can grow today if we sing them the twinkle twinkle little star song to grow big.

Nishka: My plant can grow when the sun goes down and the moon comes up in the night-time.

Elise: My plant hasn’t grown, maybe it will grow tomorrow at day care.

For group time today we continued on with our nature interest and chatted about our seedlings. We also re-read the story Gracie’s Mystery Seed” and talked about the story. Amelia and Emmeline also brought in some lovely flowers that we talked about.

Emmeline: My daddy helped me pick my flower. I like the smell. It is from the garden.

Amelia: My flower comes from my garden, and it is purple.

Leo: That flower grows in the soil.

Some of our learning centre activities today were continuing on with our garden and nature drawing as well as making our very own bird collage with feathers. We will be using some of these hands made birds to tell our own garden story as the days go on.

Some of our other activities today were block construction corner, cubby house which has lately turned onto our farmhouse, quiet reading area, small connectable blocks, musical instruments where we talked about fast and slow tempo and loud and quiet sounds and fine motor puzzles.

We hope you all have a lovely evening and see you all again tomorrow for another fun filled day,

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