Hello, Crimson families. Thursday is here! It was warm enough to wear short sleeves today. Just a quick reminder to all families, please provide sun smart hat every day so children can have a fun time in the yard.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and listened to our friend’s news. This week’s topic is ‘Extension of book week’. We would like to focus on literacy this time. Children are encouraged to sing songs, rhymes, or tell stories that they know. They are also welcome to bring their special things from home and explain about them.

Euan– told a story

“Once upon a time, there was a man. He went into water then he almost squashed in the whale. And he stuck in seaweed. At the beach, pirates and knights were wrestling. Knights were super strong. And dropped pirates on the sea.”

Alexia – toy camera

“I got it from zoo when I went to holiday. It was long time ago. My mummy said I can only get one.”It was very cool toy camera that reflected various animals when you looked into it. All the children enjoyed looking in!

Evelyn – two books

‘The very noisy bear’ and ‘The very cranky bear”. “The very noisy bear is my favourite because he is throwing trumpet. I got one from my sister’s birthday.”

Teos – told a story

“Once upon a time, there was a builder. He was looking for a treasure box and it was in the ocean. He also found dinosaur bones when he was looking. He didn’t know what’s in the treasure box. It was a medal. He kept a medal for his birthday.

Max and Leo – told a story

“Once upon a time, old lady cooked gingerbread man. Then the gingerbread man run away. Some animals tried to get him so they can help. Btu fox came and ate him”   The children were then split into two groups to explore the different learning areas.



In the room, the children continued to explore emotions. Today, they listened to the book ‘Sometimes I feel angry’. After, we discussed when we feel angry and what we can do to calm ourselves down.

Then, children were invited to draw an angry face on the paper plate and create masks. They used various colours and enjoyed making them colourful.

On the deck, children were invited to cut and paste Maui gods they were painting the last few days. It wasn’t easy cutting out the fine lines they used all their fine motor and coordination skill to complete the task.


We had a really special lunchtime today. We sat on loooong table and ate lasagna together!

In the afternoon, children were very excited as Amol made a very shallow pool in the yard. It was so nice to cool down with cold water. Everyone was super happy to put their feet in the water.

We hope you have a wonderful afternoon. Stay safe everyone!

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