Happy Thursday! We had a fantastic day in the Emerald room. The weather was lovely and warm and the children enjoyed spending their day outside.

During group time, everyone sat down to enjoy singing songs and playing games together. The children have been loving ‘The Wheels On The Bus’ and using the big circles as steering wheels has been great!

Of course, our morning continued with yoga! The children always enjoy participating in yoga and love to move their bodies. Our routine of yoga in the morning is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle with exercise to keep us fit and healthy!

The children continued their Dinosaur project by painting some T-Rex with paint and sand! This was such a fun texture to explore and paint with and when it dries it will feel rough to touch and maybe look like dinosaur skin!

We painted leaves as part of our Spring project. The children used their fine motor skills to move the paintbrush and decorate their leaves.

The children have been talking a lot about Space and reading books too! Today the children used a fun and sensory paper that was super shiny and reflective to make astronauts.

Today was a lot of fun! The children made fluffy ice creams and played in the outdoor areas with sand and water play 😊

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