Happy Friday dear Aqua Family. It is lovely to see all Aqua children having fun in warm weather. Thank you, dear families, for sending SunSmart-labelled hat.

Our morning started with selfcare where children put on the sunscreen by themselves and put their hats on too.

Some children enjoyed the outdoor kitchen and made food for jungle animals.

Nicholas showed off his strong muscles by rolling the trye and climbing the tree.

Inside, Rory, Noah and Jack enjoyed spending their time by riding cars and diggers and constructing roads, whilst Isla helped her educators by doing group time with children.

In group time, we sang morning songs followed by book reading. This allows children to enhance their literacy skills and become exposed to different dialects. We also talked about the importance of taking a bath.

Washing babies was a hit today as they enjoyed giving bubble baths to the baby and drying them off. Most of the children enjoyed the experience and pretended to be mummy/daddy of their baby doll. This promotes health and wellbeing in children as well as enhances emotional development.

Some children continued exploring Bird Nest and enjoyed musical-sensory birds.

To enhance fine motor skills, children actively participated in painting and interpreted their imagination in art form¬ facilitating their cognitive skills.

The day was full of fun and exploration, and children enjoyed it.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Take care 😊

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