Welcome Crimson families, we started our early morning by playing in yard and deck. It is such nice weather to explore the outdoor area.

Children were set to say bye to literacy week and welcome spring season week.  The morning started with group time where children discussed the spring season and what happen in the spring. The interactive conversation took place where children were expressing their ideas of growing flowers, trees, and wind around them.

In NEWS TIME, most of the children came up to the front to express their news or anything relating to literacy. Teos came up with a story that he heard from his daddy, Charlotte was holding a toy which is her favourite toy, Arya brought her book ‘Cinderlla’ from home and Arda brought three books about bears from the book shop.

Continuing with News Time, Edward R brought stickers that he found in his mailbox, Alexia brought autumn leaves from home, Jack D brought his face cream and told every body how it works on his face, Eve brought a clip, Edward A brought his sunflower picture from home telling everybody that he will grow sunflower at home and Ava brought stickers that her mummy bought from the shops.

In learning centre time, the children were separated with their respective group indoor/outdoor. Thomas, Archie, Edward, Teos, Euan and Oli were engaged in constructive play with mobilos, Legos and wooden magnetic blocks. They were creating their own designs by using imaginative ideas. They were engaged in parallel as well as cooperative play where they were sharing ideas and thoughts about their creations.

Similarly in outdoor area, all platypus children were engaged in drawing, cutting, and pasting the different characters of book called ‘In the Beginning’. Children choose their own individual to draw, cut and paste it. Other children were engaged in creating dinosaur play with Legos and plastic tree materials. Playdough was also part of it where they used rollers, marbles, and cutters to make their own shapes.

Before lunch time, children went outside in the yard to play with monkey bar, cubby house, skateboard, and balancing beam. They explored their fine and gross motor skills while playing in yard. Also, all children were choosing their own team to play different games such as stuck in mud, soccer or climbing frame.

Thank you and Have a Nice weekend

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