It’s Friday today! And what a fantastic Friday we have had 😊 The children have enjoyed creative experiences and role play with the babies in the home corner!

We began our day with group time! The children sat down with their educators to listen to stories, sings songs and talk about their day. We practiced our Alphabet by singing together and looking at the letter and pictures on the Alphabet mat. The children are doing a great job at recognising their letters and the letters of their friends too!

Group time is often followed by a quick yoga session! Everyone gets excited to find the mats, set up the space and take off their shoes and socks, ready to begin. Today we worked on our frog and dog poses – a great way to exercise gross motor skills and improve balance!

During our Spring project, the children have been reading books about seasons and weather. We’ve talked about more flowers blooming in Spring, which means more bugs! Today the children used toilet rolls to stamp spots onto their ladybirds – We had so much fun 😊

Our exploration of Space continued with astronaut arts and crafts …

We have very much enjoyed our Friday in the Emerald room with rocking horses, musical instruments and being creative. Thanks for another amazing week 😊

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