Welcome back!! We hope you all had an amazing weekend enjoying the sunny days.

Children were so excited to be back and play with all their friends and teachers.

Although it has been quite a cold and rainy day, we have had so much fun exploring and engaging with activities.

We started our day with Iris, Nicholas and Chelsea reading some books in the yard, going through pages, talking out loud on what they thought the books were about.

Maya, Sophia, and Tilly enjoyed playing in the sandpit with the animals and the plastic buckets. Eliza also joined them and pretended the animals were babies and patted them.

In the home corner and the Kitchen Remi and Jack were having so much fun preparing some food for Maya, Sophia, and their babies. It was awesome seeing them role playing and socialising with their peers.

During group time, children were able to show their incredible listening skills. We sang some songs, read some lovely books, and talked about the importance of wearing hats and putting sunscreen on a sunny day.

Afterwards, we had our learning centre and we invited children to do some activities. As spring has begun, Donna prepared a lovely learning experience where children were able to be creative and use their imagination painting some flowers while they looked at some pictures.

On the other hand, children were really engaged with Komal’s caterpillar. They did some gluing and were able to practice the colours by sorting and matching them. This is such a great experience for them to practice their knowledge on different colours.

Some of the children enjoyed using their fine motor skills and managed to cut with the scissors. They loved using the new scissors as they said it made crocodile teeth in their paper.

We had such a fun day exploring lots of puzzles also and a fish game Katherine brought for us to explore. How we laughed when the fish’s mouth opened and closed while we tried to catch them.

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