Welcome to Tuesday. Today was a very rainy day, Spring has certainly landed.

The children happily explored indoors today. We got very busy this morning and started our morning helping Donna make playdough. We are exploring many activities regarding spring time. So at the table we spoke about the colour we find often at spring time. The children decided that yellow was the colour of spring, so we coloured the dough like the sunshine. The children are extremely clever when it comes to making the dough and can tell me all the ingredient’s we need.

Outside when the rain was not falling, Jack explored the cars in the sandpit. He used fine motor skills to rake and shovel sand up into the dump truck. Ethan also joined him to scoop the sand up.

In the garden the children showed their amazing large gross development, Noah and Tilly climbed the slide and slid all the way to the bottom. Eliza climbed the tree, while Alison pushed the tyre around with her hands.

Some of the children displayed amazing balancing skills as they walked along the stepping board.

Maya and Sophia had some giggles together in the cubby house.

India loves exploring the sea creatures.

Learning activities time and with Komalpreet we explored the flowers in the spring garden. The children looked at all the colours of them and then had the opportunity to make their very own flower. We have all our spring creative activities hanging on the wall.

With the dough that we made, Donna added googly eyes and feathers so we could make baby chicks for Spring. We spoke about many animals being born and the chic’s were our favourite.

With Katherine we completed a colour puzzle, matching the colour to make the pictures. Our colour recognition is very good. We are clever Aqua children.

With Trish Maya and Sophia worked very hard to learn how to control our scissor. Each day we are getting better at making small slits in the paper.

What a fun rainy day at the Aqua group today. We hope you have a wonderful evening.

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