Happy Hump day to all our Aqua families. Just a quick shout out to all our friends who have being away these past couple of months and weeks. We miss you all and think and talk a lot about you. We cant wait to see you again at BBC. Thank you for the yummy treats sent from Sinead, Rex, Sophia and Liam. We hope you are doing well at home and staying safe.

Well, what a fun and crazy day we had at Aqua today. It all started when Alegria arrived with the most amazing funny hair style this morning. She had many ponytails in her hair. So Liza called the day ‘’Crazy hair day’’, and as you can see from our pictures that is exactly what we did.

Liza added some funny wigs to the play today and the children and teachers had the most fun dressing up and pretending to be Elsa and Anna. There was so much laughter happening in the yard today as the children had lots of fun with this activity.

At group time Donna spoke about the life cycle of the Fern tree which we have by the sandpit. The children had the opportunity to see it as a baby and how it grows to become a big tree that gives us shade from the sun.

With Donna the children read a lovely story called ‘’little seed’’ it was all about spring and the seed trying to find a place in the world. The children enjoyed this book a lot and after we spoke about the types of weather we have at Spring and what clothes we should wear. After Donna invited us to create our very own spring girl/boy with different clothes and weather. The girls really enjoyed this activity and Annabel made one of her Mum which was so adorable.

With Carolina the children joined her for some yoga in the garden. It was amazing to see the children look at their picture and complete the pose themselves. How much they have grown in the past year.

Daniel had a very special treat for some of the boys today. They joined him in a trip to the crimson yard. The children got to watch the chickens and explore the equipment with the help and support from the educator. The children came back, very hungry and tired from all the running in the large garden.

What a fun filled day we had today in the Aqua group, we hope all our parents had a fun day also. Have a nice evening and stay safe. Another friendly reminder to please bring a sun safe hat daily to use in the yard with your child’s name clearly wrote on it. Thank You!

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