Hello, Crimson families. Tuesday is here! The wind is chilly today, too. The children ran in the yard to warm themselves up!

During group time, gathered on the mat and talked about the spring season. We all agreed spring is a great season, with flowers blooming. After, we listened to our friend’s news. The topic for this week and next week and ‘Spring season’. All children are welcome to bring something that is associated with spring. Some of the examples are flowers, animals, drawings, pictures, and books etc….

Arya– picture of flower  “This is a follower I made at home. I made it with yellow, black, purple and light blue. I made it to stick on the wall for spring.

Eliot – shared Frozen song We watched and listened to Frozen song and talked about how the snow melts in spring.

Teos, Max W, Imri, and Euan shared stories they remember.

Teos – Ninja story. They fight with toothbrushes. And they are different coloured Ninjas.

Max W – story about building a house with a little pig.

Euan – story about three men who found a cave far away from town. All of them survived from the animals at the end.

Imri – story about the man who makes pizza for everybody.

Jack – showed us his sunscreen cream.


Then, we had a learning centre time. On the painting table, we painted beautiful flowers and decollated them with natural materials. It was lovely to see the contrast between the various paint colours and the green of the leaves and the pink of the flowers.

In the sandpit, children were busy making roads. They placed big connection panels like stepping stones and challenged themselves to pass through it without falling.


In the afternoon, Ms Cheryl was back for dancing class!

We hope you have a wonderful afternoon. Stay safe everyone!

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