Tuesday is here! The children were very excited to join in with the activities today 😊

During group time, the children sat down with their educators to read their favourite books and sing all of their favourite songs together! We have also been singing our Alphabet song and using the Alphabet mat as a visual aid, finding the letters of our first names! The children are doing a fantastic job at recognising their own letters and are starting to recognise their friend’s letters too!

Time for yoga! The children know and love our yoga routine … starting with setting up the mats and helping each other take off our shoes and socks and put them on the shoe rack! We show off our yoga moves to each other whilst listening to and following along to our special yoga songs, before relaxing in ‘happy baby’ pose for some meditation to end the session!

The children had a fantastic time today on their nature walk! A few of our Emerald children went on an adventure through the Crimson yard to see what fun things they could find. Everyone had so much fun exploring the yard, finding the chickens and climbing on the equipment. They filled their baskets with leaves, flowers and bark to bring back to the Emerald room to show everyone 😊

Today we used our lovely vase of flowers as paintbrushes to create some lovely Spring artwork. The children had fun looking at the bright pink flowers and using pink paint to dip them into. This was a fun and different way to paint!

The children enjoyed making a Spaceship with coloured paper, digging in the sand pit and playing with wooden blocks! What a day 😊

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