Happy Wednesday day! The weather is a bit brighter today and the children were able to run around in the big yard 😊

We love group time! We always have so much fun together when we play games, sing songs and have conversations.

Time for yoga! The children are improving each day and all this exercise is doing great things for our  gross motor development, balance and coordination.

As an extension of our Spring project, the children have been exploring bugs! During group time they read the ‘Animal Encyclopaedia’ and learnt a lot about different insects and bugs. Today the children enjoyed playing at the sensory table with leaves, play dough and small world bugs! Their educator helped them to identify the bugs and they used them to make marks in the play dough 😊

We made lanterns out of toilet rolls and decorated them with petals and leaves. In China at this time of year, there is a Mid-Autumn or Mooncake festival where people celebrate by gathering together, worshiping the moon, lighting paper lanterns and eating mooncakes! The children loved sharing Rita’s culture with her to create something so lovely 😊

The children had fun today at the free drawing tables and free painting! Thank you for another fun day!

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