Good Afternoon and Happy Thursday magenta families,  and what a lovely relaxing Thursday we have had,

We started the day off with some yoga and a small reading group where we read some of our favorite stories ” There’s a hippopotamus on our roof eating cake” and had a little discussion group about what experiences and activities we have organized for today. We also sang some of our favorite songs such as ” you are my sunshine” and ABC.
During yoga we chatted about some of our favorite poses and why they are good for our growing bodies. currently the Lion, Monkey and snake are a most requested yoga poses.

Some of our activities today were large block construction where we built some tall buildings for us to go to work in. we had our sensory ocean / mangrove world, car mat where we practiced our fast and slow driving, and a painting and drawing table where we created our very own art masterpieces.

For group time we looked at some visual images of gardens and plants growing from seeds into tall trees and garden plants and discussed what seeds were from different plants. We also discussed about making our very own scare-crow to keep the birds away from out little seedlings that are trying to grow.

We also had our farm house in full swing as we imagined we were getting ready to pick our fruit from the trees and make some delicious dinner.

Amelia: I am going to pick some delicious apples for my dinner

Nishka: I am going to pick strawberries,

Isabella: and I am going to put all the fruit in my basket and make a fruit pie

We hope you all had a lovely Thursday,

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