Hello crimson families, hope you are doing well. In the morning we discussed with a few children about COVID outbreak in Burns Bay Cottage and how we implemented different strategies to keep everyone safe. Additionally, children discussed about safety practices such as washing hands and wearing masks.

In learning centre, children were engaged in constructive play through legos, dinosaurs and train tracks. Children used their imaginative skills to create their own world of trains and legos. Eve was engaged in drawing tadpoles for her mum. She looked at book ‘The Teeny Wenny Tadpole’ and copied same tadpoles on white sheet of paper. Ryan, Eve, Arda and Archie were engaged in making birds for their next project ‘GROWTH’ which defines everything about growth on our planet.

Ryan, Arda and Archie were engaged in creating their own buildings, tunnels, and tracks for trains. In afternoon, all children went outside in yard to play soccer, climbing frame and monkey bar.

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